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In 1998, if someone had told me I would be spending the next eight years of my life involved in injustice, I would have said "You are stark raving mad!". Well, I am here to eat those words.

In 1997, a friend was telling me about twin sisters, Betty Wilson and Peggy Lowe, from Alabama who were arrested and tried for supposedly hiring an alcoholic, drug addict con-man, James Dennison White, to kill Betty's wealthy husband, Dr. Jack Wilson, who was a very well-liked and well-known eye doctor in Huntsville. Both sisters were tried on the same evidence and lying testimony. Betty was convicted and sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole because she was a rich bitch and slept with a black man in Alabama. Peggy, the saintly one, was acquitted. The convicted con-man, who never really admitted to killing the doctor, has come up for parole several times but is still incarcerated.

After spending six years studying this case including both trial transcripts, putting up an extensive website (http://hankford.com/bettywilson) and spending the remaining two years putting together a book about this case Killer For Hire - The Final Chapter of the Alabama Twins Murder Case, I, as many others, believe that the real killer of the doctor is walking around free. Neither of the twin sisters had a motive to have the good doctor put away but the doctor's ex-wife and son did.

As time permits, I hope to present other similar cases of injustice along with information on books, movies, TV shows, video games, etc., related to mystery crime. In the meantime please visit http://mysterycrimescene.com/.

Crime Scene Evidence

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Forensic experts use science when examining a crime scene and examining evidence. Crime Scene Science : THURS JULY 3 9P et/pt : channel.nationalgeographic.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Vid of CSI. Song: Beautiful Day by U2. Now I know there already is one and the best CSI vid with this song, but since it took like 4 hours to make this, I thought I'd upload it anyway. Hope someday you'll forgive me... :)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

CSI Crime Scene Investigation
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Critique of Eleventh Hour TV Show

Friday, December 24, 2010

Article by Joe Owens

So many shows today have technical aspects that are severely intertwined with the plot. The Eleventh Hour TV show is one such show that heavily incorporates scientific and technical terms. Other shows that does this also mostly crime and investigation shows such as CSI or Bones or whatever. Medical shows also do this. However in the case of the Eleventh Hour TV show, the technical stuff is a really big part of the story. In fact, Science is almost like a main character in the show.

The focus on science is due to the nature of the story. It is about a Dr. Hood who is a brilliant biophysicist hired by the government to solve mysterious crimes of the scientific nature.

Despite the infinitely interesting cases that it provides, I've got a few bones to pick with this show. For one thing, they keep on explaining stuff in the dialogue. It's almost as if Special Agent Rachel Young is there for the sole purpose of explaining things to us. Hell, it's even worse than that. The two of them love explaining themselves again and again. Hollywood always tends to view it's audience as having small attention spans.

Dr. Hood's character seems a bit flat. What really makes him interesting is the stupendous amount of knowledge he seems to command. Thus in the episode where Hood meets a literary teacher, he gets to bond with him through their shared knowledge of literature. And even then he tends to over explain. When he sees Sam, the teacher's copy of Nietzsche's Thus Spoke Zarathustra, he goes on to say that "Some one here is killing off the weak to make way for the Ubermensch." Then after a pause, he adds: the "overman." Ok yes, we already know that thank you.

The Eleventh Hour TV show has a lot of merits. I personally liked it's treatment on faith and religion which is of course a field everyone loves because it is full of controversy and it is always personal (consider the television show House's example.) In one episode, Hood takes advantage of the religious faith of this guy he wanted to interrogate. A truck driver carrying jars of cloned human fetuses is busted. When the driver, who is a devout Catholic declaims to say who his employer is, Hood drags him inside a nearby chapel, makes him kneel and tells him to confess his sins and cleanse his guilt.

For more inquiries, you may want to visit the Eleventh Hour TV Show at http://www.11thhourshow.org

About the Author

A Computer Engineering student and loves to travel. Reading current news in the internet is one of his past times. Taking pictures of the things around him fully satisfies him. He loves to play badminton and his favorite pets are cats.

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A Worry-Free Approach to Download NCIS Episodes

Article by Dr. Simon Smith

To watch NCIS TV show is just like a roller coaster ride of entertainment. Among the list of police procedural shows, NCIS has been most well-received by jillions of viewers from all around the world. Seeing the world's most competent fictional investigative unit cracking complex criminal cases in NCIS devises a wonderful experience. Due to its out of the queue mystery-packed storylines, viewers are always ready to secure NICS download from web.

This show focuses on a unique Naval Criminal Investigative Unit, which implies an expert team that sorts out mysterious crimes. To go through their engrossing investigations, viewers hunt for entertainment oriented sites on internet. Craziest fans of this awesome show can't do without watching this show. This is reason why net surfing is preferred to download NCIS.

But to procure this show through web is not less than a hard nut to crack. Whenever the keyword download NCIS is entered, multitude of sites are displayed on the computer screen. Each site provides links for NCIS TV show download. Hence in such conditions users feel extremely confused, as they don't get the way to proceed.

In such tight-spots when users pick any site randomly, merely a few of users get perfect results. Many users have to put up with bad picture quality and noisy sound output. Even sometimes they get their PCs spoiled due to insecure sites.

So, to avoid these troubles it would be better to know the exact sites, which supply safe and high-quality NICS download. And you would be glad to know that before said dream can be easily realized on subscription websites. These sites are fully dependable and speedily fulfill your desires concerning your loving TV shows.

These sites will provide you access to NCIS episodes with enhanced sound effects and high picture quality. In addition, rapid speed of buffering helps in viewing this show online devoid of interruptions. And if you are eager to download NCIS, that it is also a piece of cake on such places.

Furthermore, these sites are loaded with all latest safety gadgets that guard PCs from any type of virus threat. Viruses like Trojan, spy ware etc. can no more threaten your PC's integrity.

Except these exceptional services, these sites have much more stuff like crispy crunchy gossips, fresh updates about NCIS tv show, celebrity's talks, on screen and off screen controversies etc.

But to subscribe with these sites you need not to put a pressure on your pockets, as the charges of these sites are almost negligible and within your budget. Moreover, these sites have lifetime and limited subscriptions alternatives. Lifetime alternative will allows you to download drama show NCIS forever whereas limited term subscription supplies limited benefits.

So what are you waiting for? The best subscription sites are here to amuse you. To download NCIS with exceptional services, avail subscriptions right now.

About the Author

Dr. Simon smith has specialized in researching secure download from net for the past 10 years and analyzing virus infected download on websites. His contribution towards the growth and development of Internet application is remarkable. Don't be caught out. Download TV show Episodes safely and securely.

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The Aftermath of a Death Requires a Crime Scene Cleanup

Article by Joshua Scherer

When we come to find a loved one has died we do not always expect this or anticipate it, and sometimes a death occurs in a violent and unexpected ways like dying by suicide, or death by homicide, or drug overdoes. Regardless of it is violent or simply and unattended death, the aftermath will need to have a crime scene cleanup : There is no dictionary definition for the term crime scene cleanup, but it has been commonly used as a term for the type of cleaning company that has to work on issues of decontamination and sanitizing as well as the medical waste disposalof properties that have had a death occur in which there was decontamination, loss of blood, or any fluids from the body that were secreted.

The cleaning crews are often called hazmat cleaners or also referred to as crime scene cleaners. The job they have is difficult and requires intense training programs, as well as sound frame of mind and an eagerness to serve the public in their time of need and to be willing to go to great lengths in order to make sure your home is cleaned from any material that could pose health harms to anyone living on the property. Most crime scene cleaners have to have specific certification, as well as meet certain requirements for how they must conduct themselves in the community they are conducting the crime scene cleanup in.

Most companies work with normal office hours however the 24 hour crime scene cleanup hotline acceleratedbioscenecleanup.com is designed to make sure you have a cleaner or group of cleaners to your property at any time day or night, including Sundays to ensure that the remediation and decontamination of your house begins as soon as possible. In most cases the sooner you are able to start the cleanup; you are able to greatly reduce the cost for crime scene cleanup after the death of a loved one. We always encourage you to enquire within about how crime scene cleanup works and what you need to be aware of before you have the cleaners begin.

About the Author

For more information, contact and visit Accelerated BioScene Crime Scene Cleanup.

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New Video Games |Video Games Secrets Codes | Top Video Games

Article by videogames

In the early 1980s, the computer gaming industry experienced its first major growing pains. Publishing houses appeared, with many honest businesses (and in rare cases such as Electronic Arts, successfully surviving to this day) alongside fly-by-night operations that cheated the games' developers. While some early 80s games were simple clones of existing arcade titles, the relatively low publishing costs for personal computer games allowed for many bold, unique games, a legacy that continues to this day. The primary gaming computers of the 1980s emerged in 1982: the Commodore 64 and ZX Spectrum.

The Golden age of arcade games reached its full steam in the 1980s, with many technically innovative and genre-defining games in the first few years of the decade. Defender (1980) established the scrolling shooter and was the first to have events taking place outside the player's view, displayed by a radar view showing a map of the whole playfield. Battlezone (1980) used wireframe vector graphics to create the first true three-dimensional game world. 3D Monster Maze (1981) was the first 3D game for a home computer, while Dungeons of Daggorath (1982) added various weapons and monsters, sophisticated sound effects, and a "heartbeat" health monitor. Pole Position (1982) used sprite-based, pseudo-3D graphics when it pioneered the "rear-view racer format" where the player's view is behind and above the vehicle, looking forward along the road with the horizon in sight. The style would remain in wide use even after true 3D graphics became standard for racing games. Pac-Man (1980) was the first game to achieve widespread popularity in mainstream culture and the first game character to be popular in his own right. Dragon's Lair (1983) was the first laserdisc game, and introduced full-motion video to video games.

With Adventure establishing the genre, the release of Zork in 1980 further popularized text adventure games in home computers and established developer Infocom's dominance in the field. As these early computers often lacked graphical capabilities, text adventures proved successful. When affordable computers started catching up to and surpassing the graphics of consoles in the late 1980s, the games' popularity waned in favor of graphic adventures and other genres. The text adventure would eventually be known as interactive fiction and a small dedicated following has kept the genre going, with new releases being nearly all free.

Also published in 1980 was Roberta Williams' Mystery House, for the Apple II. It was the first graphic adventure on home computers. Graphics consisted entirely of static monochrome drawings, and the interface still used the typed commands of text adventures. It proved very popular at the time, and she and husband Ken went on to found Sierra On-Line, a major producer of adventure games. Mystery House remains largely forgotten today.

The Commodore 64 systemIn August of 1982, the Commodore 64 was released to the public. It found initial success because it was marketed and priced aggressively. It had a BASIC programming environment and advanced graphic and sound capabilities for its time, similar to the Colecovision console. It would become the most popular home computer of its day in the USA and many other countries and the best-selling single computer model of all time internationally.

At around the same time, the ZX Spectrum was released in the UK and quickly became the most popular home computer in most of Western Europe, and later the Soviet bloc due to the ease with which clones could be produced.

SuperSet Software created Snipes, a text-mode networked computer game in 1983 to test a new PC based computer network and demonstrate its capabilities. Snipes is officially credited as being the original inspiration for Novell Netware. It is believed to be the first network game ever written for a commercial personal computer and is recognised alongside 1974's Maze War (a networked multiplayer maze game for several research machines) and Spasim (a 3d multiplayer space simulation for time shared mainframes) as the precursor to multi-player games such as Doom and Quake.

The true modern adventure game would be born with the Sierra King's Quest series in 1984. It featured color graphics and a third person perspective. An on-screen player-controlled character could be moved behind and in front of objects on a 2D background drawn in perspective, creating the illusion of pseudo-3D space. Commands were still entered via text. Lucasarts would do away with this last vestige feature of text adventures when its 1987 adventure Maniac Mansion built with its SCUMM system allowed a point-and-click interface. Sierra and other game companies quickly followed with their own mouse-driven games. For more on the history of adventures games, see Adventure games, history of

With Elite in 1984,David Braben and Ian Bell ushered in the age of modern style 3d graphics in the home, bringing a convincing vector world with full 6 degree freedom of movement and thousands of visitable planetary systems into the living room. Initially only available for the BBC Micro and Acorn Electron, the success of this title caused it eventually to be ported to all popular formats, including the Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, Commodore Amiga, Atari ST and even the Nintendo Entertainment System, although this version only received a European release.

The personal computer became a competitive gaming platform with IBM's PC/AT in 1984. The new 16-color EGA display standard allowed its graphics to approach the quality seen in popular home computers like the Commodore 64. Sound however, was still only the crude bleeps of PC speakers. The primitive 4-color CGA graphics of previous models had limited the PC's appeal to the business segment, since its graphics failed to compete with the C64 or Apple II.

The Apple Macintosh also arrived at this time. It lacked the color capabilities of the earlier Apple II, instead preferring a much higher pixel resolution, but the operating system support for the GUI attracted developers of some interesting games (e.g. Lode Runner) even before color returned in 1987 with the Mac II.

In computer gaming, the later 1980s are primarily the story of the United Kingdom's rise to prominence. The market in the U.K. was primely positioned for this task: personal computer users were offered a smooth scale of power versus price, from the ZX Spectrum up to the Amiga, developers and publishers were in close enough proximity to offer each other support, and the NES made much less of an impact than it did in the United States, being outsold by the Master System.

The arrival of the Atari ST and Commodore Amiga in 1985 was the beginning of a new era of 16-bit machines. For many users they were too expensive until later on in the decade, at which point advances in the IBM PC's open platform had caused the IBM PC compatibles to become comparably powerful at a lower cost than their competitors. The VGA standard developed for IBM's new PS/2 line in 1987 gave the PC the potential for 256-color graphics. This was a big jump ahead of most 8-bit home computers but still lagging behind platforms with built-in sound and graphics hardware like the Amiga, causing an odd trend around '89-91 towards developing to a seemingly inferior machine. Thus while both the ST and Amiga were host to many technically excellent games, their time of prominence proved to be shorter than that of the 8-bit machines, which saw new ports well into the 80s and even the 90s.

AdLib set an early defacto standard for sound cards in 1987, with its card based on the Yamaha YM3812 sound chip. This would last until the introduction of Creative Labs' Sound Blaster in 1989, which took the chip and added new features while remaining compatible with AdLib cards, and creating a new defacto standard. However, many games would still support these and rarer things like the Roland MT-32 and Disney Sound Source into the early 90s. The initial high cost of sound cards meant they would not find widespread use until the 1990s.

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True Crime: Hong Kong E3 2010 Gameplay Footage + Interview from G4TV

Saturday, December 11, 2010

This is probably the most impressive video of this game yet. just look at the massive level of details and fantastic animations of this game. I mean, you can see people dancing to music and taking photographs... this video really made True Crime my most anticipated Game of the year. This video belongs to G4TV.com

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Rediscovery of Bare-knuckle Boxing

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Bare-Knuckle Boxing was once considered one of the most effective empty hand systems in the Western world for self-defense. However, most people today think of fighting systems as Asian. Some also even think of Brazil or Israel, but most don't think of martial arts as being European or American. Some have heard of Bare-Knuckle Boxing but don't equate it with other martial arts. They really don't know how effective and brutal a street-minded European boxer could be.

When we think of Bare-Knuckle Boxing we envision the sport scene more than the self-defense aspect of the system. We think of the Queensberry rules and black & white visions of fighters who stood in a strange looking, more upright, primary fighting stance. People today consider the system a rather antiquated form of boxing which has grown to become a high level sport. That is exactly what it has become; A SPORT.

There is a large gap between sport and self-defense, however. As a self-defense, today's boxing has lost much of its street effectiveness. The Bare knuckle fighter of the past could handle himself quite well against any would-be attacker.

Early in the sport, men still used illegal techniques that they learned from their own fathers and brothers or from the street. These fighters knew how to hide illegal techniques within legal ones like the straight right hand that would slice the opponents lips to ribbons or the eye gouge hidden within a jab. These guys knew all the brutal, vicious, fight-terminating shots. In fact, before rules were in place and before today's boxing methods were birthed in the ring, men were studying boxing as a self-defense science. The practice of bare-knuckle boxing dates back to ancient times and was unparalleled during the Renaissance where fencing science and human biomechanics were meticulously applied to the system.

European bare-knuckle boxing is an almost forgotten, yet very effective street self-defense system. It is the original form of boxing, more closely related to ancient combat systems. It involves sophisticated self-defense using fists, fingers, elbows, knees, feet and even the head.

Bare-Knuckle Boxing or Western boxing or what I call Long-Bridge Boxing at my school is our indigenous fighting system and is every bit as effective as its oriental counterparts. It also makes up a large part of our martial heritage. The western art of boxing has also had a huge influence on most other martial arts. One system in particular, some believe, that was greatly influenced by Western boxing is Wing Chun. A look into China's past will tell you that Chinese practitioners had many encounters with Western boxers. They encountered a system of fighting they hadn't seen before because they were used to fighting people of their own stature, not the taller Europeans.

These Europeans kept their heads back, with their weight on the rear leg. They punched straight and took small, shuffling steps, with a few low kicks or none at all. This was totally different from the Chinese methods as they used low horse stances, with wide, overreaching punches. Undoughtably, the taller European men defeated many of their kung fu opponents. This is a matter of great controversy so we need not say that this is indisputable. What I submit to you is that Wing Chun would be greatly improved by incorporating certain key principles of Bare-Knuckle Boxing.

Bare-Knuckle Boxing came to our line through my Si-Gung, Karl Godwin who with his own teacher went in-depth into the study of the roots of the world's martial arts. In particular those of Western fighting arts, their development and finally, their compatibility with Wing Chun. As a result, my teacher, Bill Graves, an early, senior student of Karl Godwin, spent much time developing and refining his Western influenced Wing Chun. He then passed it on to me where this innovative method has continued to blossom. The compatibility of Wing Chun and Western boxing is nothing new however. It has been recognized before. Bruce Lee, an early Wing Chun practitioner, found that boxing could fit the principles of Wing Chun better than any of the Asian arts. However, he failed to take note of the pure street aspects of the system and incorporated some sport postures and methods.

So my early training in Wing Chun was a combination of undiluted Leung Sheung (Yip Man's most senior student) Wing Chun as a skeleton with the Western boxing expression. I learned the sets without alteration but when it came to sparring and ultimately fighting it was certainly pre-sport Western boxing. The posture was tilted back with the arms extended upon interception keeping the head away from the opponent's fists. All of Wing Chun's concepts were in place but the emphasis was certainly a polished Long-Bridge Boxing articulation. Back then drawing blood was common. Bloodylips and black eyes and cheekbones were expected. There wasn't a night that I wouldn't go home without some injury. Of course the way I train now is much different. It's becomes fine and subtle, close range devastation. It is the opposite spectrum of my early training and is considered advanced Wing Chun. Our training methods are unique to our line and I believe it is the "Little Idea" that Wing Chun can and should be.

But as a teacher I have come to understand the importance of retaining that early longer range Western Long-Bridge Boxing. My experience has been that without its influence, a three to eight year practitioner of Wing Chun is predominantly a mid to short range fighter who finds kickers and anyone who fights at, or just outside of, boxing range to be problematic. I say this with all due respect not wanting to ruffle feathers, but I've touched hands with many of the major lines' practitioners only to find them wanting. They could not deal with someone who kept them out of their comfort zone. In other words, I found that their interpretation of Wing Chun was somehow limited by tradition. It lacked presence and innovation. There is something else that eludes many Wing Chun practitioners and that's the anti-grappling aspects of Wing Chun which is an essential part of my system but who's subject I will save for another article. I am by no means saying that Western Boxing in itself is an unabridged system. I am simply saying that the ability to reason like our Western fathers has greatly improved our Wing Chun.

As a teacher I feel that the most important thing I can do is to look at my students as people I can help. I put their needs first, so teaching the Long-Bridge aspects of Wing Chun is first. To me it's all Wing Chun but I emphasize the Long-Bridge because of its brutal effectiveness. Its emphasis is on destroying the attacker efficiently and quickly at a longer range than is traditionally taught to 99% of Wing Chun practitioners. This gives a less skilled student more time to respond with adequacy by reason of distance created by larger footwork and additional arm extension. The footwork is not different than Wing Chun, just larger. A great deal of the training focuses on simultaneous blocks and attacks using the power from the legs. Keeping your head away from the action and greater mobility is key. After they get good at fighting they are taught different ranges or distances of fighting and then taught "range recognition".

Innovation is a concept that we value, so as a system we view Wing Chun as complete. That means that it works against boxers, kickers and grapplers, guns, edged weapons and blunt instruments. I was not looking for Western Boxing when I found my teacher but it was a pleasant surprise. One that I value greatly to this day. We possess not only the skills of the fathers of Wing Chun but also that of our Western fathers. To quote my Si-Gung, "The principles of both arts combined, form the basis for a more scientific fighting method. The assimilation of Western physics, philosophy, and other disciplines into the already effective Chinese Wing Chun creates the potential to develop all of the physical and psychological attributes of an individual. This combination of East and West would allow Yip Man to be joined by Da Vinci, Vesalius, and other great thinkers as the builders of the ultimate pugilistic system." In other words, there is room for tradition but innovation should rule the day.

Although Bare-Knuckle Boxing is almost gone in the United States, it is still a vital part of our training. More importantly, there is the idea of ownership of our fighting system. The idea that Wing Chun serves us and not the other way around. The tendency is to cry, "Heresy!", but the proof is there for all to see. If your martial art doesn't equip you to deal with all comers then it's not good enough for the real world. If your Wing Chun can't deal with all comers then you should question it. I don't mean change it. I don't mean alter the sets in any way, although some of you have. I mean if you find a place of deficiency in your system then alter your training methods and your manner of interpretation of the sets. We have not altered the sets passed on to us, but certainly the training methods are up to date and answer ancient-to-modern martial questions. This has created a seamless fighting system whether armed or empty-handed.

A renaissance of Bare-Knuckle Boxing has taken place in our school and I intend to conserve and develop it. This vital component of our Wing Chun has allowed us to better appreciate Bruce Lee's efforts to incorporate fencing and Western Boxing into his system. Tradition is good but if it begins to make any part of the system ineffective then its got to take a back seat to well thought-out training. I think that's what Bruce Lee meant more than anything in his pursuit ofexpression in martial arts. Not the technique of the minute or the jack-of-all-trades mentality that is so prevalent in JKD today, but the concepts of more effective training and the idea of a complete fighting system. This unexpected component within our line and the mentality behind it, has unequivocally paved the way to a Wing Chun that has come-of-age.

Armando Sainz' martial arts school is highly recognized in the industry as being one of the top Wing Chun schools in the country. http://www.centerlineacademy.com/

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Are Violent Video Games Peparing Kids for the Future Apocalypse?

Panelists debate whether games like Fallout 3 and Gears Of War 2 are teaching children skills they'll really need in the End Times.

BLOOPERS & DELETED SCENES: bit.ly OUR FACEBOOK: facebook.com What would happen if video games were real? smosh.com http facebook.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video and Movies in Our Life

In modern life video can easily be called an inseparable part of our lives. Video is everywhere now. You can see it on Television, in the Network, on the screen of your cell phone or music player.

Movies and films are used to entertain people, to promote goods or services, to spread knowledge and news. People of all ages and interests like watching movies, of course, some people prefer comedies or family films, others like thrillers and horror, another group of people likes to watch adventure films and actions and so on.

But the fact is, all of us sometimes want to see a new interesting film of the certain genre we prefer.

All of us can find something special and usefull from watching shows on TV, films, cartoons and other movies. Each of us can extract from the same movie very different ideas, and therefore, will use them accordingly to his opinion.

Returning to the previous thought, why do all of us like different genres, films, story lines or even kinds of films?

In my mind, it is all because of our lifestyle and our past , the way we live and the way we think can certainly define our tastes, likes or dislikes. No doubt, our past also has a great influence on the present time and our life today.

So, let's try to find out, what can different genres of movies give us and why we like to watch them.

I think, it's quite evidently, that comedy films, family films and, maybe, fantasy movies should be the most popular of all other kinds of films. What makes me think so?

Maybe, it is all because of the fact, that our lives usually do not have enough happiness joy and bliss, our everyday life mostly looks like sad and joyless. The things we have to do are rather predictable and typical, besides, most of them repeat from day to day, we can't see an end to them.

All these things can help to understand our passion and our positive attitude to comedies, family films, perhaps fantasy and even animation films, including cartoons.

While watching them, we can forget about our bad mood, negative events, happened to us lately; we can even transfer ourselves into another world, another reality, with other people and creatures, other laws and a lot of "happy end".

Family films, comedies, cartoons, fantasy films, all of them can inspire us, show us the better way to live and to work. We all know, that even jokes have a large piece of truth in them. We can see another ways of life, laugh at good humor and even cartoons can give us a considerable amount of wisdom. Cartoons often seem to follow only entertaining purpose, but most of them contain such things and episodes, we can learn from.

In fact, almost all kinds of video can change our thoughts and senses for a certain period of time and throw us into their atmosphere, immerse us into the storyline.

For example, people who do not have enough bright and interesting events in their lives very often prefer action movies and adventure films.

Another special group of films, horror, mystery, thriller, crimes and some others. I can not definitely answer the question, what pushes us to watch such films, maybe we want to frighten ourselves or simply to tickle our nerves. It looks strange enough, but these genres are also very popular all over the world. [For another explanation check out Mystery Crime Scene]

What else? Well, I think there is one more large group of movies which can be united: documentary, historic films, biography films and science fiction.

They all, as I can see, can be named "informative movies". Such films help us to educate ourselves, to gain some special knowledge from history or science. They can even help people in their professional activities.

So, our likes and dislikes vary from person to person, our aims, our lifestyles can't be similar, that's why we choose different video to watch. But still I believe, all of "movie-watchers" and "movie-likers" prefer to watch them in excellent quality, want to buy them at fair prices and download them quickly, without waiting. Am I right?: )

We give you all these advantages!

Besides, almost all of us now have different portable devices like pocket PC's or iPods, so it becomes more and more important to have the possibility to take your favorite movies with you on a portable device to watch it anywhere you like, especially in transport, or while snaking, or waiting for smth or smb (you can easily extend this list).

We provide our movies in several most widely-spread formats, beginning from the iPod-ready version and finishing with High Definition films. Just imagine, thousands of your favorite films and TV shows, fair prices, wonderful quality and instant downloads for all types of devices!
Sign up now and begin downloading!

Dmitry Naumenko, the administrator of Video Library at Yourvidelib.com
Thousands of movies of all genres. Visit us and download your favorite films!

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Employment Background Checks Now Help Protect your Practice From Identity Theft

Employment background checks may not only help you distinguish between a good employee and a bad one; they may also help protect your practice from identity theft. Identity theft is becoming one of the largest growing crimes in the United States. By safeguarding information and performing employee background checks, a physician and his or her patients may be able to be protected from becoming casualty of identity theft. Identity theft is now called the ‘crime of the new millennium’ says the Dermatologic Surgery and Florida Society of Dermatology while conducting conference.

Unfortunately for physicians based in offices, they become perfect targets people aiming to steal identity. This is because the offices and physicians not only hold their own personal information, however, hold databases of personal information for thousands of patients. The vice president of operations at Advanced Dermatology Management in Miami, Darlene L. Tomlinson, supported and stated this theory.

Becoming one of the fastest “white-collar crimes,” in the United States, identity theft is an unnamed crime and is very effortlessly accomplished, stated Ms. Tomlinson. 750,000 cases of identity theft were reported to the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse; perhaps employee background checks are a positive for this mysterious crime.



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