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In 1998, if someone had told me I would be spending the next eight years of my life involved in injustice, I would have said "You are stark raving mad!". Well, I am here to eat those words.

In 1997, a friend was telling me about twin sisters, Betty Wilson and Peggy Lowe, from Alabama who were arrested and tried for supposedly hiring an alcoholic, drug addict con-man, James Dennison White, to kill Betty's wealthy husband, Dr. Jack Wilson, who was a very well-liked and well-known eye doctor in Huntsville. Both sisters were tried on the same evidence and lying testimony. Betty was convicted and sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole because she was a rich bitch and slept with a black man in Alabama. Peggy, the saintly one, was acquitted. The convicted con-man, who never really admitted to killing the doctor, has come up for parole several times but is still incarcerated.

After spending six years studying this case including both trial transcripts, putting up an extensive website (http://hankford.com/bettywilson) and spending the remaining two years putting together a book about this case Killer For Hire - The Final Chapter of the Alabama Twins Murder Case, I, as many others, believe that the real killer of the doctor is walking around free. Neither of the twin sisters had a motive to have the good doctor put away but the doctor's ex-wife and son did.

As time permits, I hope to present other similar cases of injustice along with information on books, movies, TV shows, video games, etc., related to mystery crime. In the meantime please visit http://mysterycrimescene.com/.

Denise Mina Talks About A Typical Day Of Work

Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Best Selling Author Denise Mina is talking about a typical day of work. We are going to release the review of her new novel End of The Wasp Season next week; you can check this review plus more at www.mysterytribune.com A Brief Summary Sarah Erroll has jetlag. Lying in bed in the mid afternoon, savouring a glorious sleep in her childhood nursery, she thinks she hears a noise downstairs. But it's a big house, an old house and floor boards snap, walls creak and sag, timbers groan. She doesn't like it. She leaves the radio on when she's here alone to mask the sounds but the radio is off. Then she hears a woman's voice on the stairs. There are two of them and they come into her room, menacing, angry, clearly not here by mistake. But she's never seen either of them before and doesn't know why they're so angry Alex Morrow is called at her father's funeral and ordered to the house but the officers below her are worried: strong men can't look at what they did to Sarah Erroll. Scene of Crime officers can't cope with what they did. Meeting an old friend from her school days Morrow gets drawn into a world of obvious answers, but Sarah Erroll was not who she seemed to be and Morrow has to fight for the chance to investigate the many other lives of a woman no one seemed to have known.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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7 Misdemeanors That Can Ruin Your Career

Article Courtesy of Online Certificate Programs

Crime doesn't pay. In fact, even misdemeanor crimes can literally prevent you from being paid. That's because committing a crime can cost you your job and potentially ruin your entire career. And murder isn't the only charge that can devastate your career prospects. Less severe misdemeanor charges can also have major career consequences. Here are seven misdemeanors that can ruin your career…….MORE
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7 Life Lessons from Death Row

Article Courtesy of Online Psychology Degree

What truly matters in life? What’s the last thing on your mind before you die? When you know the end is near, what would be your last statement to the world?

One of the ways to reduce life down to what really matters is to be on your deathbed. And one of the most dramatic ways to be on your deathbed is to be executed on death row. We’ve been reading through the final statements of hundreds of inmates, and we’ve boiled it down to seven life lessons. Get back to basics; learn something about life from those who were put to death. Seven somethings, to be precise…MORE
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How Burglar Alarms Function

Sunday, May 13, 2012

How Burglar Alarms Function
From: HomeInsurance.org
More on Burglar Alarms
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Top 20 Gangster/Crime Films

Sunday, May 6, 2012

This is Micky Burns of Newcastle England's list of his 20 favourite films related to crime.

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8 Celebrities Who Would Fail a Background Check

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Article by Jessica Straight from BackgroundCheck.Org

Celebrities seem to think they’re more or less invincible when it comes to the law, as most of the time, they get off without any real jail time. However, if their Hollywood careers were to crumble, they might find themselves in a pinch to get another respectable job. Background checks are often administered by companies during the interviewing process to determine whether or not the potential employee has any criminal history or bad credit. Many celebrities have criminal records, often dealing with drugs, violence, and even public indecency. These qualities don’t bode well when applying for a job. If they rake up too many charges, even Hollywood is less inclined to hire them, with the concern that their drug habits will compromise their ability to act.MORE
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Article Courtesy of OnlineColleges.Net

Crime On Campus
Presented By: Online Colleges Blog
More Crime on Campus
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7 Most Common Facebook Crimes

Article Courtesy of TheBestDegrees.org

There’s no doubt that Facebook has completely revolutionized the way people interact. But there’s a dark side to the world’s love affair with social media. Criminals are finding new ways to utilize Facebook to commit new and disturbing crimes that authorities don’t necessarily know how to police. That’s why if you want to continue to enjoy social media, you should be aware of the common crimes committed on Facebook so that you can avoid becoming a victim. Here are the seven most common Facebook crimes. MORE
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