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In 1998, if someone had told me I would be spending the next eight years of my life involved in injustice, I would have said "You are stark raving mad!". Well, I am here to eat those words.

In 1997, a friend was telling me about twin sisters, Betty Wilson and Peggy Lowe, from Alabama who were arrested and tried for supposedly hiring an alcoholic, drug addict con-man, James Dennison White, to kill Betty's wealthy husband, Dr. Jack Wilson, who was a very well-liked and well-known eye doctor in Huntsville. Both sisters were tried on the same evidence and lying testimony. Betty was convicted and sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole because she was a rich bitch and slept with a black man in Alabama. Peggy, the saintly one, was acquitted. The convicted con-man, who never really admitted to killing the doctor, has come up for parole several times but is still incarcerated.

After spending six years studying this case including both trial transcripts, putting up an extensive website (http://hankford.com/bettywilson) and spending the remaining two years putting together a book about this case Killer For Hire - The Final Chapter of the Alabama Twins Murder Case, I, as many others, believe that the real killer of the doctor is walking around free. Neither of the twin sisters had a motive to have the good doctor put away but the doctor's ex-wife and son did.

As time permits, I hope to present other similar cases of injustice along with information on books, movies, TV shows, video games, etc., related to mystery crime. In the meantime please visit http://mysterycrimescene.com/.

The Mystery Tour

Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Mystery Tour

The only mystery to business and life success is that it takes perseverance, patience and creativity to succeed, other than that, if these factors are not admitted, success at anything is a genuine mystery. Sure, it takes more than those three things I just mentioned. But the two things I just mentioned are the core of the success process. Before you learn those three core things I mentioned, the road to success is the ultimate mystery tour. Hence the title of this article. Indeed, there is nothing magical about "the mystery tour" other than the sometimes seemingly miraculous results of applying the core three factors of perseverance, patience and creativity to the success process.

Sure, I could tell the usual "big lie" and say that "success happens to the few" and all of that. Indeed, success happens to anyone who properly applies these three factors, starts from these three factors and goes on from there. So, the dictates of life say that success happens at sometimes with consistent application with these three factors in any mix. It is only natural. The only question to this equation is the four "w" words with an "h": where, when, what, why and how. When acting from the three factors I mentioned, the four "w" words are usually a given. But the "how" is the hardest and most important thing in figuring out "the mystery tour". Once success is locked in, the tour is no longer a "mystery" and success is waiting to take you away, and take you today. But first you have to get there. That is what makes the how the hardest, because it takes the most perseverance, patience and creativity out of all the factors I mentioned, figuring out how to do it right and then applying the knowledge.

I look at it this way, hard work is only hard if you do not like the process and where it is taking you.

Indeed, for something to be fulfilling, you must love the process as well as where it is taking you. (That is genuinely how I feel about my life and just about everything in it.) To again focus on the quote of a famous swimming athlete in the 1972 Olympics: "We all love to win, but who loves to train?" Let me break that statement down just for this article. We all love to achieve a goal, but when we love the process it makes success better and with the ability to multiply and duplicate that success. Sure, we all love to achieve a goal, but the mega success comes when we love the process of achievement and can duplicate the results with the same love of the results, over and over until we achieve genuine success.

With that, we have solved the mystery tour of success and failure, by exploring the core of both. When you love what you are doing, and love the results of it, you are a success. When you hate what you are doing, and the results of it, you are a failure. When you can duplicate the results of what you love endlessly, you are a permanent success. When you have not found "your calling", you are an intermittent failure until you do find it. I consider that there is no such thing as a genuinely permanent failure. Because everyone at some level loves to do something, it is just something they have to find no matter what the path or how long it takes or what it takes. So, to end our little "mystery tour", real winning is everything, from process to fulfillment. Real losing is nothing but a failure to find that which fulfills you.

My name is Joshua Clayton, I am a freelance writer based in Inglewood, California. I also write under a few pen-names and aliases, but Joshua Clayton is my real name, and I write by that for the most part now. I am a philosophical writer and objective thinker and honest action taker.
I also work at a senior center in Gardena, California as my day job, among other things, but primarily I am a writer. As a kid I did construction work with my Dad which taught me many things like plumbing, hard labor and electrical systems, and I took notes for my Dad's home poker games at my Uncle Johnnie Gilmore's house, so I have a lot of life experience, sure. But I went to Cal State Dominguez Hills College, UCLA, and El Camino Junior College and learned a lot, but never got around to getting a degree, just lots of money spent, good grades and some credits. So, here I am currently freelance writing and working at a senior center for a living.
But enough details of my life, what I do is not what I am. So here is what I enjoy, I enjoy reading, listening to all types of music. I am a very eclectic person. I am also a deep science fiction fan and as said before, a lover of books. If I were to go into everything it would take thousands of words and I only have about three hundred words here. So, I end with love. Happy reading.

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10 Things Moms do That Could Get Them in Trouble with the Law

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Courtesy of NannyBackgroundCheck.com

Parenting is a tough job under the best of circumstances, but there are things that can get mothers into legal trouble today that wouldn’t have been frowned upon at all in previous generations. While some of the transgressions on this list are far more serious than others, all of them can lead to trouble with the law if you’re discovered behaving in such a manner.

1. Leaving Kids in the Car Unattended – This may seem like something a good parent would never do, but it’s actually far more common than you might realize. News reports tell of kids who were left in the car and died due to heat stroke or freezing on a regular basis, many of which never make it past the local level of news outlets. You probably think that you would never do such a thing to your child, but then may make exceptions when situations seem to call for them. Even attentive, dedicated parents will leave their kids unattended for “just a second” to run into the store or drop something off, never realizing the danger. Leaving your child in the car unattended for any reason is not acceptable, and can lead to very serious legal trouble if you’re discovered.

2. Failure to Use Proper Vehicle Restraints – Some police officers get very riled up when they see parents driving with kids unbuckled or not in the proper car seat for their weight and height. Most parents have encountered times when the kid just didn’t want to stay in the car seat, and may even consider letting them briefly take the belt off. It can be very stressful, but it is much better to stop and handle the situation rather than let your child remove the seatbelt.

3. Spanking – “Spare the rod and spoil the child” is an axiom that older generations grew up with. Now, in many states, spanking is banned. Some parents have had to deal with Child Protective Services as a result of physically hitting their child in public. Whether or not you believe spanking is acceptable, knowing the laws in your state is still a wise move.

4. Leaving Children Home Alone – Getting the mail or going down the hall of your apartment building to do the laundry may not seem like such a big deal, but in many states leaving young children alone for any length of time is a problem. In reality, it doesn’t take long at all for a tragedy to occur with unsupervised little ones. Even though it may be inconvenient, it’s best to either take the child with you or wait until someone else is in the home and can watch him.

5. Using an Underage Babysitter – Some states have laws regarding the appropriate age for babysitters. Years ago, preteens could make pocket money by sitting for younger kids. That’s not the case anymore. There are guidelines and rules for sitters that are established on the state level. For example, if you live in Illinois, leaving your 14-year-old alone for an “unreasonable period of time” will put you on the wrong side of the law. A few states away in Maryland, however, 13-year-olds are able to babysit infants. Check your local laws to find out what’s acceptable in your state.

6. Breastfeeding in Public –There is much being done in support of breastfeeding, but in many areas it is still against the law for a mom to nurse her child in a public place. It does sound ludicrous that a parent can get in trouble for feeding her child in public, but it’s better to know and abide by the rules and work to change them then to get in trouble for bucking the system.

7. Allowing Kids to Drink – While some families allow their children to have a taste of wine at special meals, it is illegal for minors to drink in every state. There are some parents who believe that they are heading off trouble by allowing their kids to drink at home, but they could actually be courting trouble of the legal variety. Some parents feel that teens are going to drink regardless of permission, and that teenagers under the influence are safer at home than sneaking around. It’s still against the law and parents can get in big trouble by condoning underage drinking.

8. Inappropriately Defending a Child – Occasionally, the news media will do a story about a Mom being hauled off by the officers for getting out of control. Unfortunately, it’s not so unusual for some parents to get overly involved in the outcome of their child’s sporting event or group outing, causing embarrassment to the child and disrupting event. When this behavior gets out of hand to a worrisome degree, law enforcement often becomes involved. It’s better to keep a level head at the little league game, even when the ump makes a bad call.

9. Truancy – Whether it’s through fault of the child or the parent, failure to force compliance with school attendance guidelines is a serious legal issue for parents. Some kids will manipulate their parents into letting them stay home, or they may just skip school on their own. There are also over-protective moms who keep their children home at the first sign of any cough or cold. Too much missed school can lead to truancy charges, and that can lead to a visit with legal officials. If a child has valid reasons for missing a lot of school, arrangements need to be made so that authorities are aware of the circumstances.

10. Domestic Violence – Many women do not realize that when they are being abused by a partner and the child is witness to that abuse, they are actually endangering their child. This is a criminal offense, and unfortunately one that happens far too often. If you are being abused, seek help right away and do not allow your child to be an endangered witness to your abuse.

You may not even be aware of the fact that you are breaking the law in some cases, as you feel that you’re making appropriate choices for your child and household. It’s best to check the laws in your state to make sure you are in compliance, especially in the realm of leaving the kids home alone and using disciplinary tactics.

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